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Learn how to sing with singing lessons on the computer. While nothing could ever replace private singing lessons, there are many affordable and fun ways to sing online that will improve your voice! Whether you are looking for singing lessons for beginners, professional singer tips or just some free singing stuff...learn how to sing online with some of our favorite online singing voice lesson picks!


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Believe it or not, learning to sing online has many advantages; and, improving your singing skills by utilizing the technology now available is not only quite possible, but also entertaining, fun and affordable!

By no means do we suggest you shouldn't take classes or train privately, we're simply stating our belief that studying organized materials created by experts on the subject provides a wealth of knowledge forever at your fingertips.

Not only will you be able to refer to the information as needed throughout your singing life, but the courses cover far more information than could possibly be provided in weekly singing lessons. Since knowledge is power, often literally in the singing world, these courses were designed as quality references to help you reach your goals.

We find that singers have the most success when they take responsibility for their own singing development and learn all they can about singing and honing their craft. Only the singer/athlete can do the actual work, after all. With these programs you can bring high quality vocal training right to your living room, with some of the most sought after coaches in the world. And, you get an entire course of singing material for a fraction of the price of one singing lesson with one of these vocal gurus.

And... don't forget about the $.99 and under dynamic vocal exercises that make practicing everything you learn both fun and easy!

Singing Lessons on your computer, not only possible...its very effective.

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Our Favorite Pick:
Effective, Affordable, Fun, Flexible, Grows with You, Lots of Options. Organized Singing Instruction and Dynamic Vocal Exercises.

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Organized singing lessons program based on "Ten Steps to Singing Success" and the SingSMART, Not Hard™ Vocal Training Method. Used by schools and teachers around the world.



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You Can Sing with Impact

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You Can Sing with Impact
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Perfect for the singer on the go. Put it in your car for easy use every day, whether you are learning to sing or warming up your voice for your gig! Includes both instruction tracks and effective vocal exercise routine.

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Looking for a quick singing overview and an effective vocal exercise routine that will get you singing right away? You found it! Includes brief instruction and an 8.5 Fast and Funky Warmup enjoyed by all ages and levels. And lives up to it's name. Only $10.00!

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Frequently asked questions about: 

Q01 Every voice teacher / vocal coach I have studied with forces me to sing classical music - do I have to sing this stuff to sing well?

Q02 Does my voice teacher / vocal coach need to have a vocal music education degree?

Q03 My voice teacher / vocal coach doesn't perform much, does this matter?

Q04 How do I find a good voice teacher / vocal coach?

Q05 Should I study with only one voice teacher / vocal coach?

Q01.  Every vocal coach I have studied with forces me to sing classical music - do I have to sing this stuff to sing well?

Classical music is a style of music - just like pop, rock, country, rap, etc. It is unfortunate that many people turn away from singing lessons due to voice teachers and schools forcing such a stylistic choice. Don't be so hard on them, historically there is a very good reason for this type of vocal training - the style of classical music tends to follow the actions needed to use the voice instrument to its full and natural capabilities. Other vocal styles tend to require nuances that are very effective during performance, but are not conducive to optimal vocal production. 

Fortunately, there is a very simple solution for those of us that don't want to study classical music every day. Focus first on the full and natural voice -  learn the mechanics and athletics of singing before concentrating on style. This can be done by singing popular music, as long as the focus is on the natural voice and natural vocal production (stylistic nuances not allowed). 

Once the vocal production development is in line, then it is time to concentrate on stylistic nuances. They should not be sung as "accidents", randomly placed here and there -- they are choices. The wise singer will add nuances in specific places of song material for effect. Overusing a nuance (sliding into the note, scooping, growling, etc.) will diminish its overall effect. Stylistic nuances, while not conducive to optimal vocal production, are often necessary for a successful performance and are not detrimental if done with care and in moderation. Your voice coach needs to have this knowledge.

The ideal long-term vocal training situation would be to work with a song, first focusing on that natural, powerful, strong voice. Then take it one step further  - sing the same song in many different styles, or whatever styles you wish to be associated. Study and understand the differences between those styles, and then put it into practice!

If your vocal teacher does not agree to this type of logical plan, I would continue in your search for a vocal coach. 

If your time is limited and you are taking lessons to prepare for a certain performance, be sure your voice teacher is willing to openly discuss your lesson plan.  Be sure that both the mechanics of singing and the artistry of singing is discussed.  Remember, it is your time, your education, your money. 

Q02.  Does my vocal coach need to have a vocal music education degree?

A performer is trained to perform, and an educator is trained to educate. Don't be fooled by the glitter if you really want to be the best singer you can be.

It has been my experience that the BEST vocal training is obtained from those individuals that have a music education degree, with their primary instrument studied being the voice. Why?  These are usually the only people that have specifically studied vocal production, numerous musical styles, advanced music theory, conducting, educational philosophies and more. Their higher education curriculum was designed to create vocal educators so they could effectively pass their knowledge on to you.

Singers with performance experience or performance degrees often "fall back" on music education and therefore, coaching you is not their first priority. 

In addition, "performers" often spend much of their time developing "their personal style", limiting their knowledge and promoting themselves (instead of you).  Which means they teach a lot of singers to "mimick" their own sound, not help the singer find their own voice. If your current focus is on SONG STYLING only, then a singer of like-minded styles can assist you, but if singing becomes "hard" at any time, you need a teacher that can assist you with the mechanics of your own voice.

Bottom line. Don't be fooled and don't be intimidated. Do your research and don't be afraid to ask questions. If possible, interview several voice coaches and voice teachers before making your decision. If you need help knowing what questions to ask for your situation, visit our help desk for assistance with your personal situation: A2Z Smart Music Group Help Desk 

Q03.  My vocal coach doesn't perform much, does this matter?

It is important that your vocal teacher have performance experience, and is a big plus if they have had experience in a variety of musical styles and musical groups, but it is not primarily important for them to be full-time or even part-time performers. 

Football coaches are no longer required to participate in the game on-field but are respected because they are the masterminds behind the teams. Vocal coaches deserve the same respect. Not to mention that performing and teaching are both a full time job; sometimes teachers have to choose.

Q04.  How do I find a good vocal coach?

Know what you want.

Be sure you know what you want to accomplish vocally when you begin looking for your vocal coach and don't be afraid to interview them.  Be sure to engage in discussions regarding:

  • The mechanics of the voice.

  • Musical styles and performance.

  • Music theory, Ear Training and Sight-Singing

If you want to be the best singer you can be, these three aspects of vocal training that need to be included. Your singing teacher should have a lesson plan or coaching program that is utilized.  This plan should be designed around YOUR GOALS. If you are going to a lesson and simply singing your chosen song material over and over again -- this DOES NOT constitute a qualified voice lesson and will most likely not result in the development you desire.

Your voice coach should recommend or require vocal coaching products or song materials for you to use between your lessons in order to guide your vocal development. Not having these tools will slow down your development, so be sure to ask about it. 

The A2Z Smart Music Group provides singers a convenient place to find a variety of high-quality vocal coaching and voice training tools.



We even recommend you get started with one of these programs before visiting a vocal coach as they contain additional information on what a voice coach should be providing you. If they can't answer questions you have about the program you have been using....find another coach.

Know where to look.

Educational institutions and trade associations are usually the best place to look for qualified instruction on any subject. Look to your local university or college or nationally to NATS, National Association of Teachers of Singing. The internet also provides many possibilities for finding local teachers and even the option of learning to sing online. We are doing our best here at Vocal-Coaches.com to provide an easy connection point for singing students and teachers.

Speaking of the internet, lately we've witnessed an alarming number sites being launched by people claiming to be qualified to teach others to sing. Some of these individuals even go as far as bashing qualified vocal coaches that have dedicated their life to music education, stating anyone properly trained to teach music will lead you astray. Some have blatantly copied lessons and material from these same qualified teachers they are bashing. If these outspoken individuals provided original good instruction it would be one thing, but sadly some of the samples are disturbingly poor. 

Think about it this way, we all have been going to the doctor all of our lives and learning a lot about how our bodies work along the way -- that doesn't mean we are qualified to give medical advice or medical training to others. So be sure to look at the qualifications of your vocal teacher closely.  Just because someone has attended a lot of voice lessons, doesn't mean they know enough to train you. I have heard some voices destroyed by these types of training situations. Students beware.

Know who to ask.

Don't be afraid to approach other singers to find out where they are training. Learn early to network with those in your field, don't get caught in the competition trap. 

Q05. Should I study with only one vocal coach?

There are very few cases where a training singer should study voice lessons with only one singing teacher, and this situation generally occurs only when you are well into your singing career. For the rest of us the general rule applies, learn as much as you can. Embrace the stuff that works for you and file away the stuff that doesn't work for you -- because with ever changing vocal development you just might need it later on.

Vocal development and training has gotten easier in the past years with the publishing of vocal coaching programs and exercise tools. These make training your voice on a daily basis much easier. Instead of turning to your piano keyboard, you can simply play your audio CD or click a button on the computer. It's also much easier to study the opinion of many vocal coaches and resources. Don't randomly purchase products just because they are available, use the criteria  outlined above to help you decide which coaching product is for you. I, for one, love to sing and agree that vocal warm-ups can be boring and tedious, especially day after day. Having vocal exercise variations on CD makes it that much easier to keep my voice in shape.

There are many quality vocal training programs available and the A2Z Smart Music Group prides itself on finding the best courses available. Visit http://SingerCity.com andhttp://A2Z-Smart-Music.com to see our favorite online training choices, along with hard copy materials if you want to hold the item in your hand.

These questions have been answered by Vocal Coach Yvonne DeBandi, BME. If you like her answers and would like to learn more, check out her page on this site:

Have additional questions?

Visit the A2Z Smart Consulting Help Desk.



Additional Singing Sites and more Detailed Product Information

Singing Lessons on the Computer

Easy Singing Lessons

  • Affordable, Get More than You Pay For -
    how often do you hear that?!!!

  • Organized Chapters make concepts easy to understand.

  • Vocal Mechanic Secrets explained clearly with step-by-step instructions. Actually learn HOW TO SING.

  • Interactive and Entertaining - you won't fall asleep listening to someone go on and on and on....

  • Not a lot of unnecessary fluff. Lessons are quick and to the point. The audio and the text are often duplicated to reinforce learning through both visual and audio means, while providing a hands-on assignment to cover all learning styles. This means you'll retain more and put it into action faster!

  • Fun and practical exercise routines. Singing the same thing over and over again just reinforces bad habits...Easy Singing Lessons teaches you what to look for and how to sing better by making easy, small changes to the body and vocal instrument. The included productive practice tips are like gold. Follow them and notice a difference FAST.

  • Designed for teachers and/or home study. The Sing Smart, Not Hard™ method breaks each concept into a lesson with objectives, related action exercises and experiments, along with a review quiz to test retention.

  • Great supplement to private singing lessons as many of the tips and tricks included never get mentioned in a lesson - never enough time. Why wait years to discover a technique that could help you now? Even if you're taking private singing lessons, be proactive. Learn as much as you can on your own and begin to ask questions - learn to stop being a mimic and develop your own vocal signature.

  • Created by Yvonne DeBandi, a qualified vocal training expert who graduated Magna Cum Laude from Florida State University, one of the top music schools in the USA, AND who continues to perform on a daily basis.

From beginning to end this was our top pick. It is a logical, fun, easy-to-use course that improves the singing voice fast....without overwhelming you with a bunch of unnecessary program add-ons you will never use or read. Why fast? Because knowledge is power. Learn the basic facts about the singing voice and put them into action like you have always dreamed.

With that being said...it was the ONLY ONLINE SINGING LESSON where we truly got more than we paid for...even without all the "so-called" bonuses other singing sites seem to throw in.

Bottom line. If you are looking for quality information about how to sing, this course is an excellent choice. Other courses will fool you with super hip interfaces and lots of video and name dropping hype about training pro singers....but this course gives you the nitty gritty facts about singing that will stay with you forever in a simple, interactive, organized training system. AND...it's ONLY $29.99!

I have learned more in one little lesson than I did in almost 2 years of voice lessons, so I feel I have already learned more than I paid for. Patti A.

I am enjoying [Easy Singing Lessons] so far. I have noticed improvement in my singing since the first lesson...just a lot I needed to learn and you guys are helping. Thank you so much! Rachel C.

Singing the hymns in church Sunday...headed up for that high E2...it went up like an arpeggio...I remembered to smile and find that resonant spot in my head and hit it soundly! Before, I kept trying to force that out of my throat. I surprised my kids so much. They all stared and said, "Mom, we've never heard you sing that high before!" They really did! It was great. Thanks. Melanie K.

This training session provided me with valuable information ... I liked the diagrams and exercises! I like everything about it...Keep up the good work! frozen_tearz

Learn how to sing online with this unique online singing lessons software for only $29.99. Easy Singing Lessons Click here.

I went through the lessons quickly the first time (about a week ago). Now I am going through them slowly repeating them every few days. I can already tell a difference in my breath control. I can also hit those high notes more easily.....In the past I have always shyed away from soprano parts because I thought my range limit was B (middle of staff). Now I feel comfortable at a C or D. Soon I may extend my range to an E! lin3330


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Singing Voice Lesson Downloads

Learn how to sing with singing lessons on the computer. While nothing could ever replace private singing lessons, there are many affordable and fun ways to sing online that will improve your voice! Whether you are looking for singing lessons for beginners, professional singer tips or just some free singing stuff...learn how to sing online with some of our favorite online singing voice lesson picks!


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